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Are you a small business owner struggling with an ever growing list of marketing tasks?

Do you need an expert to help with development and implementation of your digital marketing strategy?

My name is Eric Horton, and I help local businesses succeed with digital marketing. My Local Fence client here in Rochester, NY calls me their secret weapon. Since 2010, we have generated thousands of leads and the business has grown each year.

If you are a professional fence installer providing excellent customer service, we can achieve these results with your business.

You can expect clear descriptions of the work to be done along with reasonable pricing. We will develop a strategy together and implement specific tactics as your budget allows. Analytics and reporting will be used to document our success and inform ongoing decision making.

If you need to get to the next level with your web site and digital marketing efforts, connect with me and we will determine if I am a good fit for your business.

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About Eric Horton

About Eric Horton

Marketing is a forever challenge in a profitable business. Something you consistently need to get new information on. As you try to keep up with trends and anticipate the future, its hard to know the next best use of your resources and where to focus your energies.

I would like to work with a select group of fence companies to bring clarity and effectiveness to your marketing efforts. My mission is to help your business become more successful in a shorter amount of time.